About Project

Shared Management

Enter new currencies to the exchange, expansion of functionality, modifying existing installations, including ways of deposit will be carried out by voting among token holders. Top investors who own more than 1% tokens have access to admin panel and to extended statistics.

Ethereum Based

The platform is implemented on the basics of Ethereum wih smart-contracts. Mandarin Token (MNT) is a ERC20 token on which platform management is based.

24h Support

The hot line is available for the exchange's members, which allows receiving prompt technical support. Our callcenter will answer all users’ questions any time.

Cold Wallets Protection

Safety of funds in cold storage will be dependent on technology - without the approval of the holders of more than 35% of the Mandarin tokens the transfer of funds is impossible.

Backup System

Our priority is the safety of trade data, in connection with this Mandarin’s team developed its own backup system. Hourly copying of all trading operations will ensure a sufficient level of security. Backup storage facilities are installed in 5 locations on the globe, which provides data protection for state interference services.

Mandarin Security

The basis of our platform is the safety of the users. Traders' accounts are protected with the application of 2-factor authentication of the last generation. Confirm withdrawing your funds using fingerprint or generating one-time passwords.